The online game industry is the most credible, and many netizens are full of praise and play

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    There are two main categories of eSports:


    Competitive battles ( FPS , real-time strategy , sports , card battles ), such as: Rainbow Six: Siege , League of Legends , Legendary Showdown , PUBG , Clash Royale , Dota 2 , StarCraft 2 , Warcraft , PES , NBA 2K series , Overwatch , CSGO , Hearthstone , Apex Legends , Fortnite , Dreadnought , Fifth Personality
    Leisure categories with scores ( racing , music , puzzle ), such as: Need for Speed , Rhythm Arcade , Tetris

    Esports games are competitive activities based on video games, typically conducted between individuals or teams. These games encompass various genres, including real-time strategy (RTS), first-person shooter (FPS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), and card games. Esports has become a global phenomenon, attracting millions of players and spectators who watch live streams or major competitive events.

    The essence of esports lies in competition and skill, requiring players to have quick reflexes, strategic planning, team collaboration, and individual talent. With the growth of the esports industry, there has developed a professional ecosystem of teams, leagues, and organizations, as well as career opportunities for esports athletes.

    • Esports competitions can take place online or in specialized esports venues, with some large-scale events drawing thousands of live spectators and millions watching through online broadcasts. As technology advances and societal acceptance increases, esports has evolved from a niche culture into a mainstream entertainment form and is gradually being included in international sporting events.